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ALLIGATOR Ventilfabrik GmbH • Richard-Steiff-Straße 4 • D-89537 Giengen / Brenz
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Ball-Joint Sensor RS3

Clamp-In Valve with Ball-Joint Attachment

Sensor mit Metallventil RS3

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The® sensor is equivalent to the original sensor and has the same level of functionality and quality. ALLIGATOR’s Original Equipment tire valve and the world’s smallest Tire Pressure Sensor electronics, for metal valves, are connected
using ALLIGATOR’s patented Ball-Joint Technology. The Ball-Joint enables the flexible assembly of the sensor on most steel and aluminum rims on the market today.

Sensor - technical details

 Sensor RS3 m
ALLIGATOR part no.590914
Sensor® RS3
Radio frequency434MHz
Identification colorblue sealing plug
Sensor weight18 gramm
Adjustable angle12° to 40°
Torque for nut3,3 Nm / 29 inch lbs
Torque for screw3,3 Nm / 29 inch lbs


Valves for every applicationMetallventile

The aluminum valve consists of a high quality aluminum alloy that is additionally protected against corrosion by an anodized layer. The valve is available in an anodized silver, titanium grey and black, in addition to a chrome surface finish for custom wheels.

Valve - technical details

Valve TypeAttachementLengthFor valve holeColor ALLIGATOR part no.
Clamp-InBall-Joint43mmØ 11,3+0,4mmsilver anodized 590906
Clamp-InBall-Joint43mmØ 11,3+0,4mmblack anodized 590908
Clamp-InBall-Joint43mmØ 11,3+0,4mmtitanium-grey anodized 590904
Clamp-InBall-Joint43mmØ 11,3+0,4mmchrome finish 590910


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ALLIGATOR Ventilfabrik GmbH
Richard-Steiff-Straße 4
89537 Giengen

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