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Most frequently asked questions about
ALLIGATOR tire pressure sensors



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Which vehicles are covered by the ALLIGATOR®?

The respective current coverage list can be found on our homepage or in the application software. This is updated on a regular basis as soon as new vehicles are available.


The desired vehicle cannot be found using the VIN / KBA (Federal Motor Vehicle Transport Authority), according to the coverage list,® supports this vehicle?

If this problem should occur, please determine the vehicle alternatively via the selection option "Manufacturer & Model".


Can the sensor ID also be read out without using a special diagnosis device?

If a diagnosis device is not available, you have the option of reading out the ID directly from the sensor housing (possible with most sensor housings). The internet site supported by ALLIGATOR provides important information where the position of the ID can be found on the respective sensor.


Is it possible to read sensors with the ALLIGATOR programming device? 

The ALLIGATOR® programming device has been developed in order to "describe"® sensors. Reading out all types of sensor data with this device is therefore not possible.


Can one describe other sensors with the ALLIGATOR programming device?® is a "closed" product system. That is why it is not possible to program sensors from other manufacturers.


Does ALLIGATOR offer a TPMS device? 

ALLIGATOR currently does not offer their own diagnosis devices but cooperates closely with respective device providers.


How can the® manufacture a duplicate (clone) of an original sensor? 

A duplicate of the component can be manufactured using the serial number (ID) of the current original sensor installed in the vehicle to be replaced.
With this procedure, teaching the sensor on the vehicle is no longer necessary which is a clear benefit with regard to saving time in customer services.

There are two options for determining the ID number:
1)  reading out the ID of the sensor electronically using a diagnosis device, or
2)  immediately reading out the ID from the sensor housing after removing the tyre.

This ID number is entered in the data field "OE sensor" for the programming. Detailed instructions for the procedure of the entire programming process can be found in the product descriptions or on under the installation instructions.

Important:  Note / remember which sensor was installed in which wheel.


When is it necessary to teach the sensors? 

If a new sensor ID is generated then this has to be learnt on the vehicle.


How do we teach the sensors on the vehicle?

The teaching procedures on vehicles differ considerably. Basically, a difference is made between three versions: automatic teaching, via the OBDII interface in the vehicle or manually on the on-board computer. You can find out the procedure to be used in the vehicle manual or by contacting the manufacturer.


Can the tyres be equipped with® sensors in advance or is the vehicle required on location? 

If a set of wheels are prepared before the vehicle arriving, you are able to program the® sensor in advance. Select the matching vehicle and generate a serial number (ID) for the respective sensors (pushbutton AutoGenerateID). In this case, a teaching procedure must be carried out after mounting the set of wheels.


The sensor has been programmed but for the wrong vehicle. Can a sensor be re-programmed?

A sensor that has mistakenly been programmed to an "incorrect" vehicle can be
re-programmed several times.


How many original sensors per vehicle can be replaced by® sensors? 

Any combination of® sensors with original sensors on the vehicle is possible.


How long is the service life of the sensor battery? 

The typical service life of the sensor battery is 5 to 7 years.


Can the sensor batteries be changed? 

If the diagnosis of the sensor indicates an empty battery, the complete component must be replaced.


Is there a difference between the four different coloured valves? 

From a technical point of view, all valves have the same structure, the different colours serve only for the individual or optical adaptation of the valve to the wheel / vehicle.


How is the TPMS dealt with in import vehicles (315 MHz)? 

According to current EU regulations, the frequency range 315 MHz is not allowed to be used for tyre pressure monitoring in Europe.


The inflation pressure is distributed differently, when is the warning activated? 

As soon as the pressure in a tyre falls below a threshold value set on the vehicle, the system warns the driver. The settings are generally applied clearly visible on the vehicle, usually on the inside of the tank flap or on the entrance to the driver's door.


Can sensors be used for indirect TPMS? 

Vehicles with indirect tyre pressure monitoring use the ABS / ESP systems and determine the inflation pressure based on algorithmic data. TPMS sensors that measure directly are not required here.



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