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Alligator ONE ONE universal TPMS sensor

Sensor RS3 434MHz G2 mit Ventil silber C

One sensor for all vehicles - a goal that ALLIGATOR is close to fulfilling with ONE. The new universal sensor covers nearly all vehicle models and can be programmed to become a vehicle-specific spare part. The sensor can also work in frequency bands 434 and 315 MHz and can be used in both Europe and in the USA.

Additional features:

  • Easy and professional installation of the sensor and valve on any rim
  • ONE match the functional scope and quality of OE sensors
  • Low sensor weight, compact design
  • Unique Ball-Joint connection enables maximum adjustability
  • Valves with maximum corrosion resistance in OE quality
  • Easy, fast and safe installation with only one screw connection

Sensor RS4 434MHz G2 mit Gummiventil C


The TPMS Snap-in valve is limited to a maximum speed of 210 km/h

Part no.DescriptionSensor typeAttachmentRadio frequency
Fixed angle
591112TPMS sensor ONE with aluminium valve, ONEBall-Joint434 MHz, 315 MHz10° - 40°
591113TPMS sensor ONE with aluminium valve, ONEBall-Joint434 MHz, 315 MHz10° - 40°
591114TPMS sensor ONE with rubber ONEPlug connection, screw fitting434 MHz, 315 MHz20°

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