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ALLIGATOR Ventilfabrik GmbH • Richard-Steiff-Straße 4 • D-89537 Giengen / Brenz
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Technology & Innovation

…have always characterised our work at ALLIGATOR.
The famous ALLIGATOR Express Valve from 1930 or the Snap-In valve for tubeless tires
from 1956, together with the famous Double Seal Cap V2B, which improves the safety on
millions of trucks and also helps them to save fuel, are just a few examples.

But even today, there are still things that can be developed concerning valves, for example:
valve systems for the monitoring of tire pressure TPMS (picture/photo, link to special report,
FEM pictures) special high-temperature valves for garbage trucks which have to brake
particularly often, or valves of special noncorrosive aluminium which
help to reduce the unbalance of a tire.

But ALLIGATOR valves are also found outside of the realm of tires, as for example,
in the patented Pressure Retaining Valves for air struts, which reliably
protect the expensive air struts in SUVs and luxury-class
limousines from damage.

And, of course, ALLIGATOR also solves problems outside the automobile industry.
ALLIGATOR Tire Mold Valves TMV help to reduce costs and to improve
product quality in tire manufacturing.

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